Boys born to be killed

Will you help chickens, cows, and other animals this Christmas?

Dear clint,

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Imagine condemning babies to death simply because they’re male. The cruel dairy and egg industries do just that – dooming millions of male calves and chicks every year to a gruesome, terrifying death.

Will you help spare calves, chicks, and others tremendous suffering by making a special Christmas donation to PETA today?

Looking into the bright eyes of male calves, it’s hard to understand how they can be treated so harshly. Shortly after birth, these gentle beings are torn away from their distraught mothers and violently killed – all because they can’t produce milk.

Fluffy male chicks are beautiful, but since the egg industry considers them to be useless, they soon meet an ugly end. It’s common for the tiny birds to be ground up, crushed, or suffocated.

The cruelty isn’t limited to male animals. A female calf will commonly be confined in miserable conditions until she’s old enough to enter the relentless cycle of forced pregnancy, separation from her own calves, and excessive milk production. A hen exploited for her eggs will typically spend her days packed in among thousands of others in a vast warehouse, her wings wasting away from disuse and her feet becoming deformed from standing on the wire flooring of a cage.

When animals cease to produce enough milk or eggs to be profitable, they, too, face a grisly end at an abattoir.

Please take action for all animals this Christmas by donating today.

Thanks to support from kind people like you, we’re driving down the demand for meat, eggs, dairy “products”, and other cruelly produced items. PETA’s eye-opening exposés and hard-hitting campaigns are inspiring many to leave all animals off their plates, and every year, we distribute thousands of copies of our popular vegan starter kit to help diners embrace a more compassionate way of eating. We’re also urging more restaurants and companies than ever to offer delicious vegan options.

Make the season of giving a little brighter for cows, chickens, and other animals by donating today.

Thank you for your compassion and generosity.

Kind regards,

Ingrid E Newkirk


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