This website is independent. It neither panders to any organisation or receives funding by any institution. I do not collect donations for any animal charities that may feature in my posts.


As a vegan, I am committed to spreading the word. I neither encourage or care about any carnist’s convoluted, vile drivel. My blogs aptly describe my opinions on carnist cruelty and their wretchedness.


I am not interested in ‘doggy lovers,’ ‘cat lovers,’ ‘avian lovers,’ ‘save the whale,” elephant,’ ‘dolphin,’ ‘rhino’ et al cartels that favour types of animals over others. Speciesism does not exist here.


I shun animal charities such as RSPCA, they kill animals and endorse farm products (RSPCA Assured, previously Freedom Foods!) which in reality is condoning cruelty. Big conglomerate charities take the bulk of the public’s money to run their empires, hence the need to kill-off animals (up to 60%) using the euphemism, ”it’s kinder!”


Small, independent charities suffer financially and yet get little praise for their sterling work. I urge anyone supporting animal charities to enquire as to the financial stature of that charity before donating money. The only real animal charity is The Vegan Movement, supporting animal welfare since 1944.

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