When carnists are confronted with their brutal, merciless lifestyle they do several things: ask you about your protein, refer to obscure unproven and ridiculous data and accuse you of killing plants rather than have a look at themselves. If only they would! It is a desperate act of those that cannot logically or rationally give a reason for their behaviour. How do they defend it? It’s hardly a plausible sound-bite to say, ‘’yes, I support cruelty to animals and the eventual killing of them.’’ It does not bode well against the vegan ethic, ‘’I do not harm animals.’’


Don’t be surprised, when illustrating to sub-human carnists, that they will immediately attack your veganism, probably calling you an extremist! They will shift their position from the perpetrator to the victim. Their sub-consciousness tells them that they are uncomfortable with the reality of what they know to be true, but like anyone that is in denial, they will try to offer up a defence. Even where there isn’t one.


There is no doubt that carnists are a confused lot, with no intellectual prowess of note. IQ does not measure knowledge and the components within it. IQ is innate in itself and even though one may have a double-first in rhubarb crumble, it does not prove anything, other than it serves its own existence. Ultimately, the carnist will offer the paltry excuse (and intellectually flawed reasoning) ‘’it’s my choice.’’ It is not a ‘’choice’’ if those you kill do not have a ‘’choice.’’ It is a one-way decision based on selfish desire.

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