Southern resident killer whales will disappear forever if we don’t take aggressive action right now.
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Tahlequah’s story is heartbreaking. The southern resident killer whale, who lives along the Salish Sea off Pacific northwest coast, carried her newborn calf around for nearly a month after it died. The tragic spectacle captured our hearts and attention, but it also highlights a larger problem.

These whales are disappearing at an alarming rate and we don’t know why. It’s critical that the Washington State government do everything it can right now to save them from extinction.

Tahlequah isn’t the only whale suffering in her pod. Washington officials enacted an emergency mission to help another sick and malnourished whale get antibiotics and food. It was a drastic measure, but with just 75 of these majestic creatures left, every single whale counts.

That’s why we want Washington state to do every single thing in its power to protect the whales we have left. Since we don’t know what’s caused the crisis, we need a comprehensive approach — protecting prey species, limiting stressful whale watching tours, reducing pollution and more.

We don’t have much time left before these whales will disappear forever.Tell Washington Governor Jay Inslee to do everything he can to save the southern resident killer whales.

Thank you,

Emily V.
The Care2 Petitions Team

P.S. Losing a calf is a bad sign of things to come for southern resident killer whales. Sign the petition to urge officials to act now.

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