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Dear clint,

Screams pierce the air.

Once every three months or so, workers on Chinese angora farms tightly tether the feet of terrified rabbits and hang them in the air or stretch them across wooden boards. They cry out in fear and agony as workers tear out fistfuls of their long, soft fur.

The pain is so overwhelming that some rabbits die of heart attacks on the spot. Others endure this misery over and over again until their fur growth begins to wane. That’s when their throats are slit and their spent bodies are sold for meat.

PETA and our international affiliates are stopping the demand for angora – and today, you can make a gift that will keep our work for rabbits and other animals going strong.

Please make a generous donation to the “Save Our Skins” challenge before the 30 June deadline and help us meet our £100,000 goal.

PETA Asia’s exposé of angora farms in China has reverberated across the fashion world. Tens of thousands of kind people have taken action, helping PETA and our affiliates push hundreds of major brands to ban angora from their lines.

Those who still abuse these gentle, vulnerable animals for their fur are taking a serious hit as a result. In just five years, Chinese exports of angora dropped from US$23 million to a little more than US$4 million. Globally, more than 300 companies have banned angora – and animal advocates around the world are holding eye-catching demonstrations at high-profile events to encourage even more consumers to kick the cruelly obtained material out of their wardrobes.

This is phenomenal progress, and as the demand for angora continues to dwindle, more rabbits are being spared the misery of life on an angora farm. But this campaign wouldn’t be the landmark success that it is without the commitment and generosity of kind people like you.

Please, make your gift to the “Save Our Skins” challenge today – your support will help PETA secure more victories for rabbits and other animals who are abused for their skins.

Thank you for your compassion and generosity.

Kind regards,

Ingrid E Newkirk

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