Why have people who support the badger cull been made Vice-Presidents of Somerset Wildlife Trust?
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What is going on at Somerset Wildlife Trust?!? The first job of a Wildlife Trust should be to promote the beauty and wonder of the natural world, not to appoint advocates for its destruction to high-profile positions they do not deserve. 

And yet, this is what Somerset Wildlife Trust has reportedly done.

Michael Eavis is the founder of Glastonbury Festival. He is also a dairy farmer and an outspoken supporter of the unscientific and cruel badger cull. Eavis is also in favour of fox hunting.

Rebecca Pow is MP for Taunton Deane in Somerset. She also supports the badger cull.

Bewilderingly, these two people are now Vice-Presidents of Somerset Wildlife Trust.

Installing people with such views to such high-profile positions within the Trust is a betrayal of paying members and counter-productive to the conservation movement and what a ‘Wildlife Trust’ should stand for.

Please sign the Care2 petition to urge Somerset Wildlife Trust to remove these two badger haters from their positions at the Trust.

Thank you,

Beth G.
The Care2 Petitions Team

P.S. We need to tell Somerset Wildlife Trust that their decisions won’t help wildlife. Will you take action and sign the petition?

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