Three greyhounds are killed every day in the UK because of greyhound racing. Tell Groupon to stop promoting this cruel industry.
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Please sign this important new Care2 petition by animal rights group Caged Nationwide, to speak up for greyhounds:

Groupon profit from greyhound exploitation by selling promotional offers at greyhound racing tracks.

1,003 retiring greyhounds either died or were “put to sleep” in 2017 in the UK. That’s three every single day.Nearly 350 were killed because either a suitable home could not be found for them, or treating them was deemed “too costly”. The total injuries in the industry for 2017 was reported as 4,837, across just 22 licensed tracks – 257 of these were fatalities – killed trackside on “humane grounds”.

We are calling on Groupon to stop promoting this cruel industry. It is an industry that relies on gambling to make its money. The dogs are seen as nothing more than a commodity.

Please sign now to ask Groupon to stop selling promotional offers for greyhound racing.

Thank you,

Beth G.
The Care2 Petitions Team

P.S. There’s no excuse for exploiting greyhounds through racing. It’s an industry that simply doesn’t need to exist. Sign the petition by Caged Nationwide now.

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