Behind every wool jumper, blanket, or jacket is horrific cruelty.
Dear clint,

For the wool industry, cruelty knows no borders, something that nine exposés across four continents, six countries, and 96 operations by PETA and our international affiliates have proved. Wool production always means suffering and death for sensitive sheep – regardless of any “humane” claims on a garment’s label.

PETA Asia eyewitnesses recently visited UK farms and shearing sheds – and the rampant cruelty they found was little different from what we’ve revealed over and over again.Workers punched sheep in the head, hit them with electric clippers, and pinned them down by standing or kneeling on their necks and bodies. Rough, quick shearing left many with gaping, bloody wounds that workers crudely sewed up without pain relief. Some animals died on the spot as a result of the stressful, violent shearing process.

Will you help birds and other animals?

The only way to spare sheep such misery is to end the demand for their wool, and PETA and our affiliates are leading the charge to do so. Will you support PETA’s vital work for animals by donating today?

On farms around the world, sensitive sheep unlucky enough to be born into the wool industry are treated as nothing more than wool-producing machines. In England, an eyewitness found animals suffering from mastitis – a painful infection of the udder – prolapsed uteruses, and bloody hooves. On a farm in Scotland, eyewitnesses saw a farmer dragging a sheep – who appeared to be dying – by one leg, allowing her head to bounce along the hard, rocky ground. Another sheep, crippled by mastitis so severe that she couldn’t stand, was condemned to be shot to death.

Sheep fare no better at so-called “ethical” or “sustainable” wool suppliers, where – as PETA exposés have revealed – animal-welfare standards do nothing to prevent the industry’s abuse and neglect. It simply isn’t possible to produce commercial quantities of wool humanely, and that’s why we are inspiring more consumers than ever to embrace the vast array of natural fibres that are far superior to animal skins.

Your gift today will immediately strengthen our work for sheep and all animals. It will help us persuade more retailers and designers to stop using or selling wool and other animal skins, inform more consumers about the abuse that sheep endure for clothing and accessories, and promote cruelty-free fashion.

With help from caring people like you, we’re dismantling the global skins trade. Mohair and angora are vanishing from store shelves and consumers’ wardrobes, fashion shows are going fur-free, and more and more designers are swearing off animal skins in favour of animal-friendly materials.

Thanks to coverage from the BBC, the Daily Mail, and other major media outlets, PETA’s recent exposés of UK sheep farms have opened millions of people’s eyes to the cruelty of the wool trade, and our head-turning demonstrations featuring “beaten” and “bruised” activists – including one at the Wool Care installation in London’s Covent Garden during UK Wool Week – are leading kind people to ditch wool entirely. Thousands have also joined the call for Topshop to maintain its progressive stance on animal-friendly fashion by dropping wool.

But so long as animals are still suffering, we still have work to do – and it’s crucial that we reach as many people as possible.

Will you help sheep, foxes, rabbits, geese, and other animals by donating to PETA today?

Thank you for your compassion and generosity.

Kind regards,

Ingrid E Newkirk

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