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I’m going to keep this short: The Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil’s decision to SANCTION Indonesia’s largest food company — Indofood — is HUGE. It’s so huge, in fact, that we are ready to double down on our work like never before, but we need your committed support to make that happen on the ground.

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Clint, will you spare a few dollars to fund our work to protect human rights and rainforests?

You may have noticed you’re hearing from us a lot more, and that’s directly connected to what we are doing behind the scenes and on the ground. And it’s working, big time: in less than a month’s time, Nestlé and Musim Mas have dropped Conflict Palm Oil producer, Indofood — a company known for its egregious human rights violations and rainforest destruction.

But time is literally running out. Conflict Palm Oil is rapidly expanding around the globe at the expense of forests, local communities, and workers, but we won’t sit idly by and wait for someone else to do something. With your support, we are making a difference. Through running smart, strategically chosen campaigns, all of the victories you help us achieve are worth more than the sum of their parts and aim to impact a system, not just one operation.


That’s why we need you to commit to funding our work to protect human rights and rainforests by starting a $5 monthly donation.

Clint, we know a lot of you are on the fence when it comes to taking that final commitment to protecting workers’ rights and rainforests, but it’s really easier than you’d think: if even just another 1% of all our donors became $5 monthly donors, we’d massively increase the resources and people power we are currently using.

And for so many of you out there that simply can’t donate — We see you. Opening our emails, taking action, and keeping people and planet in your thoughts is enough.

But for those who know or debate whether you can skip a $5 coffee once a month to fund our work to protect human rights and rainforests — just commit now — you won’t regret the results of your investment.

For all workers around the world,




Robin Averbeck
Agribusiness Campaign Director
Forest Program | Rainforest Action Network


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