Rabbits Strung Up and Skinned Alive – Please Help Stop This!

Rabbits Strung Up and Skinned Alive – Please Help Stop This!

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Right now, on a massive farm in China, rabbits are languishing in rows of faeces-encrusted outdoor cages. Denied even basic veterinary care and with little to protect them from the elements, many will succumb to the freezing cold or to injuries and illnesses that are common for rabbits kept in barren, exposed wire cages.

When they’re only 6 months old, the rabbits who have managed to survive absolutely dismal conditions are thrown into the back of a lorry and hauled off to an abattoir – where workers hang each terrified animal upside down and then slit their throats, using both hands to tear their skin off. Some rabbits are still conscious and kicking throughout the gruesome ordeal.

Will you help stop the suffering of rabbits and other animals by donating today?

Around the globe, because of PETA and our affiliates – our hard push, our videos, and our outreach – more and more retailers, designers, and consumers are rejecting fur. Yet China remains the world’s top fur exporter, and still, millions of rabbits, foxes, raccoons, and other animals – even cats and dogs – experience a violent death there on fur farms, at animal markets, and in abattoirs. But as exposés by PETA and our international affiliates show, the cruelty of the grisly skins trade isn’t limited to one country. Eyewitnesses have seen minks crudely gassed to death on fur farms in Ireland, geese crushed and suffocated at a Canada Goose down supplier, and goats in South Africa wailing in agony as they’re cast to the ground, stamped on, and violently shorn.

We’re determined to end the misery of all animals suffering for the global trade in their fur, feathers, wool, and skins. We are vigorous and tenacious, so we have momentum on our side – but to keep making progress, we must have support from kind people like you.

Donate today to strengthen PETA’s vital campaigns for animals.

Since a PETA Asia investigation first blew the lid off the angora industry in China, hundreds of brands have stopped selling products made with this cruelly obtained material. We’re achieving similar success with our groundbreaking campaign against mohair, and recent fur bans by fashion giants including Coach, Burberry, and Versace prove that PETA and our international affiliates are truly changing the whole face of fashion in animals’ favour.

Not only are PETA’s eye-opening exposés, corporate work, and hard-hitting campaigns spelling doom for the fur trade, we’re also inspiring thousands upon thousands of people to swear off wool, leather, down, and anything else that comes from animal abuse. And we are constantly expanding the list of companies using our “PETA-Approved Vegan” logo to help consumers identify modern, animal-friendly products.

Together, we can stop horrors like those on appallingly cruel Chinese rabbit farms. Pleasedonate today to help fuel PETA’s effective work to stop suffering, wherever it exists.

Thank you for your compassion and support.

Kind regards,

Ingrid E Newkirk


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