Hi clint,

In 2015, DxE released an investigation of Diestel Turkey Ranch, a top rated Whole Foods farm. We discovered that the images they use in their advertisements were taken at a farm that existed purely for show — the turkeys actually raised for Whole Foods were held far away in huge, filthy sheds. Now, we’re suing them for false advertising.

Please share this survey with your family and friends who may have purchased a Diestel Turkey and been deceived.

With stories from the public, we can show how these labels mislead consumers and we can bring justice to the animals. So please share the survey with your friends and family, and tomorrow, when we rescue 100 turkeys from one of the largest turkey slaughterhouses in the world, share this story of compassion to show what is possible for all of these animals.

It’s not too late to sign up to join us live during tomorrow’s rescue! Sign up here to receive a text notification when we go live. You can help us take this story to the world and drastically transform Thanksgiving.


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